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A Wonderful Journey: Encounterinig Cute Pets

Release time: 2021-02-02 11:54:47

Travelling will leave us lots of wonderful memories in our mind. Maybe, on the TV,  you have seen many cute animals such as alive and kicking rabbits, imitation-loving monkeys and so on. But I'm sure you can hardly find their cute places if you don't get close to them.


In the morning, you can feel the warm and bright sunshine, green and fresh lawn, singing and dancing birds, bouncing and vivacious kangaroos, lovely chipmunk, idle Cowras and baby seals in the forests. Let's go and have a look!



Eh, someone is taking photos, let me have a good pose! 

Hey, is it done,? I'm so tired! 

Let's decide it  by finger-guessing game! Oh, you lose it!

My lord, please give me a beatiful girl! 

What about my big eyes? 

I'm so tired that I need to have a sleep. 

Dear, do you have somthing to eat? 

The sunlight is a bit sad. 

I am dreaming! 

En~ Delicious bamboo!

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