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Board of directors



a).Chairman of Board , China Great Wall Int’l Exhibition Co., Ltd.

b.)President of China Pet Industry Association, (CPIA)


Join in the pet industry since 1999. Build the bridge connecting the Chinese and global pet industry by organizing China International Pet Show(CIPS) annually. Guide the Chinese pet industry sustainable healthy development by building up the platform of international exchange on technology , trade and culture. 

Mr. Rongzhen DENG


a)    Vice President of Cattle Branch and Glass Branch, China Animal Husbandry Association

b)   Director, Professional Committee of Milk Source of China Dairy Industry Association

c)    Secretary-General, China Pet Industry Association, (CPIA)


a)    Deputy Director, Livestock Division, Ministry of Agriculture

b)   Deputy Director, Dairy Management Office, Ministry of Agriculture

c)    Deputy Secretary-General of China Dairy AssociatioN

d)   Executive Editor, Feed Research Magazine

Mr. Chao Yang 

Deputy Secretary General

Mrs. Ziang Cheng

Internal Department

Mr. Meng Wang

Director of International Liasion Center


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