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Association Charter

Articles of CIQA China Pet Industry Association

Chapter 1:General Principles


Article 1.  

Name: China Pet Industry Association, China Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Association (CIQA) (hereafter referred to the Association)


Article 2 .

Nature: An social organization sponsored and established voluntarily by units who engage in pet food, accessories, grooming and health, etc.


Article 3

The Tenets: Abide by laws, regulations and policies of China, and comply with the social morality; promote exchange and cooperation of pet industry for improvement; integrate industry resources, condense industry strengths, regulate the industry, protect industry interests for the development of the industry; Play the role of management, service, coordination, self-discipline, supervision, rights protection, consultation and guidance to serve to build global economy and maintain social stability.



Chapter 2: Business scope


Article 4

1. Publicize relevant laws, regulations, policies and rules about pet food , accessories, pet medical care , live pets as well as logistics by the Chinese governments.

2. Collect information and sort out development trend, data as well as national and international market information of pet industry.

3. Provide consulting and training service

4. Establish industry standards and professional ethics, promote industry self-discipline.

5. Organize exchange and cooperation among members, relevant organizations, groups and enterprises at home and abroad.

6. Invite experts in relevant sectors to provide technical training and guidance. 

7. Educate members the rules & regulations by the government and advanced technology and ideas in the world pet industry.

8. Propose amendments and addenda to the relevant laws, regulations, policies and rules by the government authorities.

9. Cooperate with government authorities, accept and undertake related tasks entrusted by the government.


Article 5


Serve the Members; Serve the Enterprises; Serve the Government; Serve the Society

same Individuals and Units are free to join in or quit the association. The Association will regularly recruit new members to seek common development of the industry.


Article 6


The Association has several honorary chairmen, one chairman, several vice chairmen, one secretary-general, several secretary-generals, several standing directors and directors. Vice chairman and secretary-general carry out work under the leadership of the Chairman, and secretary-general shall bear the responsibility to the board of directors. 

The Representative Assembly meeting shall be held with attendance of 2/3 of the delegates, and the resolution shall be made and come into force with the vote by 2/3 the delegates attended as well.


Chapter 3   Members

Article 7

A. Grade of Membership

(1) Chairman Unit


(2) Vice Chairman Unit


(3) Standing Council Unite


(4) Board of Directors


(5) General Members


B. The following conditions shall be fulfilled by members applying for membership:

(1uphold the Articles of the Association;

(2have the will of joining the Association;

(3have some impacts in the field of pet industry;

(4hold business licenses and other relevant certificates stipulated by a country


C. Membership Process

( 1 ) submit application for membership;


( 2 ) to be discussed by council and the standing council;

( 3 ) passed  by the authorized organ of council and the standing council;


D. In principle, the Association does not accept individual members. If there are special circumstances, it should be submitted to the Standing Meeting for approval.

E. The member units that have production and operation business need to

provide the registration certificate of the self-owned brand or agent brand in their local market. The agent brand needs to provide the authorized brand of the foreign manufacturer and the contact information of the brand in the country.


Article 8

1. Members’ rights:

1to vote, to be elected in the Association;

2take part in the activities as arranged;

3enjoy priority and preferential rights of service provided by the Association;

4right to voice their comments, suggestions and supervisions;

5free admission into and withdrawal from the Association


2.Members’ obligations:

1observe the articles of the Association, and implement the decisions of the Association;

2safeguard the legal rights and interests of the industry;

3fulfill the mission as trusted by the Association;

4pay membership dues as required;

5response and provide the Association with relevant information;


Article 9

Sources of Fund of the Association:

1membership dues;


3income of authorized business activities and services:;


5legal income from other sources;

6 Legal income from other sources.


Article 10

Right of interpretation to this Articles belongs to the board of directors of the Association.

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